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When do I need new tires?

In the state of Pennsylvania a car is rejected from inspection when any two adjacent treads are below 2/32nds of an inch, this is also known as a bald tire. Bald tires not only look bad but  are extremely dangerous. Tires sold in the US are also equipped with tread wear bar which are built into the tire. If you can see these wear bars flush with the tread of the tire, the tire should be replaced as it can no longer effectively funnel out the water from under the tire. Bald and even worn tires can greatly increase your                                                                                                             stopping distance, especially in the rain.

How do I check my tires?

Most everyone has heard of the penny test trick, you know the drill – stick a penny into the tread of your tire headfirst and as long as it touches the top of Abe’s head you’re good. This may not be the safest approach. You see the top of Abe’s head is 2/32″ (tire tread is measured in 32nds of an inch) and 2/32″ is the legal limit just about everywhere. So what Abe is telling you is to get to a tire shop very soon. 

A better test is George Washington. The measurement on a quarter from the edge to the top of George’s head is 4/32″ and a much better gauge of when you should start shopping for tires. There’s also a safety issue involved. A tire with 2/32″ is much more likely to hydroplane than a tire with 4/32″.

So I need new tires, what is my tire size?

Most of the time we can look up what tire size you have using your year, make, model, and sub model. But sometimes the car manufacture will have more then one option or maybe your wheels are tires are not factory to your car. In that case you can find the tire size and speed rating on the tire sidewall itself!